August 19, 2016
[Chicago] Roka Akor

During my trip to Chicago, J made reservations for Roka Akor for my 25th birthday dinner and what a memorable experience it was.

Roka Akor is an award winning Japanese restaurant with locations based in Chicago, Scottsdale and San Francisco. They offer a wide variety of sushi, seafood and steak in their restaurant.

It was about a 5-7 minutes walk for us from the hotel we were staying at and we were warmly greeted by the hostesses at the front and led to our table where our friendly server helped us through the menu, patiently describing their options, popular dishes and went on to ask about our food preferences.

We went with the Decadent Omakase option for each of us with a $70 upgrade for the A5 Grade 11 Wagyu Beef. J not being fond of fishy seafood and fish, we made sure to let our server know so she could allow the chefs to change out and adjust their orders according to that requirements.

Butterfish Tataki
with White Asparagus and Yuzu

Butterfish Tataki


Rock Shrimp Tempura
with Wasabi Peas and Sweet Chilli Aioli

Rock Shrimp Tempura

Mixed Green Salad
with Carrot Peel and Daikon


Sashimi Chef Selection
with Hon Maguro, Kanpachi, Tai, Hamachi, Suzuki Sashimi, Oysters and Sake Sushi topped with Caviar


Madagascan Jumbo Tiger Prawn
with Yuzu Kosho Chilli Paste

Tiger Prawn

Spiced Cauliflower
with sesame seeds


Grilled Chilean Sea Bass
with Roasted Butternut Squash and Peppercorn Broth


A5-Grade 11 Wagyu Beef
with Artesian Salts and Fresh Grated Wasabi Root


Bok Choy
with Ginger Shallot Dressing

Bok Choy

Dessert Course
with Berry Sorbet, Coffee Bean Ice-Cream with Chocolate Puff Balls, Molten Chocolate Cake, Matcha Icecream and Matcha Pudding with nuts and fruit cup, topped with Banana and Vanilla Foam surrounded by fresh sliced fruits



The amount of food that came out of the kitchen for the omakase course was not for two people based on the amount of foodporn shown in this post but we managed to finish it all. Definitely worth a visit to the restaurant if you’re in the city. The staff’s really friendly and it has an amazing ambience, whether you’re looking for that perfect restaurant for a romantic night out, or a place to catch up with friends who share the same love and appreciation for good food.

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