August 27, 2016
Guirei Japanese Restaurant

Being a big fan of the Japanese food and culture, I’m always on the hunt for must-try places. Being located downtown Toronto makes that a lot harder unless you’re willing to shell out money for good sushi, you’re going to have to dig deep beyond the sushi take-outs for good quality fish.

I happened to stumble upon Guirei Sushi while trying the Japanese restaurant, Iruka across the day before. I wasn’t too pleased with the sushi at Iruka Sushi so I gave Guirei a shot.
Guirei has fast became a personal favourite of mine whenever I am craving Japanese food. Not only is it conveniently located about 10 minutes walk from me (It’s closer for most people but I have short stubby legs), the prices there are reasonable and the staff’s awesome. I frequent there so often now that I think I just need to get on first name basis with the servers there so we can be all chummy.

Guirei is located on Queens Quay near the lake so it’s nice out on their patio in the summer. Their insides are air-conditioned with wide windows for those days you just refuse to battle flies for your food but still insist on getting your Vitamin D.


Volcano Roll
Fresh tuna layered on top of a maki with fresh salmon, avocado, cucumber & crab meat garnished with                                   tobiko & spicy chilli mayo
Matsu Guirei Combo
Consists of 10pcs of sushi & 6pcs roll (We upgraded to spicy salmon for an additional $2)


Guirei also carries Korean dishes and they come out with a free tiny bowl of noodles, salad and miso soup.
They have a variety of appetizers such as Tempura, Fresh Oysters and Takoyaki.

If you’re looking for a sushi restaurant without wanting to break your wallet, I suggest checking out Guirei. It’s a hidden gem in the neighbourhood and the food comes out quick.

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