September 29, 2016
[Tokyo] Food Adventures in Japan Week 1

Like a lot of people out there, my childhood dream was to someday go to Japan and I finally got to cross that off my bucketlist. It’s been a few days since I returned from my 2-week long trip there but the jetlag game is still so strong, and even now I still have dreams about Japan and the food there. Because all we did was eat for the 2 weeks we were there, there’s far too many posts to cover so I’ll be compiling my random food shots into a single post (here) and talk about places worth highlighting in separate individual posts.

Japan’s absolutely phenomenal and exceeded my expectations on the quality of food, culture and just about everything.Should’ve burned my passport and remain there as an illegal immigrant, damn 🙁

Week 1 in Japan involves us covering Tokyo [Shinjuku,Shibuya,Harajuku, Roppongi, Akiharaba,Ueno] and here’s my list on places we’ve gone and food we’ve had.
*Many thanks to Lyric (@thisisanom) for providing me with a list of places to check out! I reached out to her for recommendations based on my food preferences and areas and she came back to me with 2 emails detailing places and it was just so handy!

Random picture dump:

Street Festival happening right outside of APA Hotel that we were staying at on the Sunday we arrived to Shinjuku. There were a couple of food stalls set up selling grilled skewers, fish on skewers, scallops and the likes but because we just had breakfast, I wasn’t too hungry so I opt’ed to try the chicken skewers with shio (salt) seasoning. For 500 yen, I got a box of skewers containing (chicken hearts, chicken skin, dark and light meat).

7-Elevens sell alcohol, and we were feeling adventurous at 3 in the afternoon so we decided to try boxed sakes. Of course, we didn’t speak any Japanese so we pretty much went about just picking the prettiest box 💁

Mochi icecream was a childhood favourite when I was growing up in Singapore. I was ecstatic when I found these in the 7-Eleven across the street but was so disappointed when the hotel room’s fridge melted my ice-cream and it was pretty much warm mush 😖


Apparently the boxed sushi sold in supermarkets are awesome. I didn’t get any since we were on our way to dinner but here’s a shot of what it looks like. Upon closer inspection, the fish looks fresh.

Window display of fake food’s wildly popular in Japan and I don’t understand why it’s not the case in North America as well! The details are spot on and it’s enough to make me salivate whenever I walk by a shop’s window.

This ends my first post on Japan, will be working on other posts for food places!

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