September 30, 2016
[Tokyo] Food Adventures in Tokyo – Tokyo Eats part 1

Week 1 in Tokyo was a combination of excitement, exhaustion from walking 20k steps a day and just lots of eating and checking out new places.  Here’s a list of places we’ve been to :

Numazuko sushi (Kaiten Sushi – conveyor belt sushi) 


Conveyor belt sushi is great for both solo and group eating. Because you can choose whatever you want on the belt, you don’t end up over-eating and if you don’t see what you want, you can request it from the sushi chefs preparing food in the center of the sushi belt area.

There was a line-up (usually a good sign) and we had to wait for about 15 minutes before we got our seats but compared to the previous places we’ve been to (which I don’t recall the names for since it was in Japanese kanji), the quality of the fish here was better.

Nadeshico Sushi


Nadeshico sushi is located on the second floor of a building in Akiharaba. Run by female sushi chefs, they’re setting out to fight society’s norm of male sushi chefs, one roll at a time. The restaurant only had 2 other patrons when we came in so we sat ourselves by the chef’s kitchen area.  I personally didn’t think the sushi was anything spectacular and if anything, the fish wasn’t overly fresh either so I was quite disappointed since their slogan was “Fresh and Kawaii”. Overall, it was an interesting experience but I wouldn’t make another trip there.

Zundo-Ya Ramen

20160914_110820_HDR 20160914_111458_HDR

Zundo-Ya was close to the hotel we were staying at so we decided to venture there to check it out in the early morning. Note that the hours on Google does not reflect the real store hours (24 hours vs opening at 11am).
Ramen was pretty decent at Zundo-Ya. A little peppery tasting but the good kind.

梁の家 新大久保本店

20160913_130109_HDR 20160913_130222_HDR  20160913_132022_HDR 20160913_133825_HDR
I was craving soup the one morning after I’ve had quite a bit to drink and so J did some researching to see what Korean restaurants around us has it and took me to ____  to get my favourite Yuk Gae Jang (Spicy Beef Soup).
____ ‘s interior is filled with photos and autographs of famous korean stars and the food and service there’s pretty good. Although the Yuk Gae Jang wasn’t as spicy as I would’ve wanted it, it was definitely what I needed. Because we liked the food and atmosphere there, we returned there again the next time I wasn’t feeling too well (damn you alcohol!)

Yakiniku Rokko

20160918_183000_HDR 20160918_183010_HDR
20160918_183507_HDR 20160918_190235_HDR

We found ourselves a destination to have meat on a rainy evening in Osaka and we set off from our hotel towards our destination. Yakiniku Rokko is an AYCE yakiniku place with a seating limit of 2 hours. Our friendly and bubbly waitress chatted with us while she sat us down, asking where we were from and proceeded to showing us how to look at the menu to order.

We opt’ed for Plan C since it has more variety of meat to choose from, and added the All you can drink option as well. The meat that came out were in small portions (which was fine by us, since it allowed us to order more variety) and seasoned well. My favourite being the spare rib marinated with onion herb and salt. The wagyu was good too, although nothing overly special. All the servers seem to be trilingual, speaking fluent Japanese, English and Mandarin and are attentive to the customers. Definitely a place worth going back to when we’re craving meat and starving!

Fast Food in Japan


Mos Burger was a place recommended by my friend Chihiro who said she used to have one close to her place when she was living in Hokkaido, and it’d be where she’d regularly eat at. The Kakiage Rice Burger was her favourite so I knew I definitely had to try it since it has seafood inside. Crispy pan-grilled rice as buns is an awesome idea and whoever invented it is a genius. The Kakiage was filled with cripsy but soft (is that a thing??) seafood and I got the Melon soda, a newly released Fanta drink that doesn’t seem to be available in North America yet, and man, was it delicious.


Burger King

I got the Hash Burger twice because that’s how good it was. Hashbrown with cheese and meat patty? Oh god, the flavour was so good I could cry. It leaves me wondering why Burger King back home in Canada doesn’t have this option as well. This is a huge moneymaker.

This ends my Part 1 compilation of Tokyo eats.  Post on Osaka Mesh-Up will be up next, followed by Tokyo eats, part 2 for when we returned back to Tokyo from Osaka before heading home to Toronto.

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