October 2, 2016
[Osaka] 300円均一 海鮮居酒屋 志なのすけ 心斎橋店

If there’s anything any traveller like, it’s places that serve good food for cheap. Tucked away on the second floor, we came to find this restaurant that serves most of their dishes for 300yen (aside from their specials).
As like every restaurant in Japan, walking through the automatic sliding doors results in you being warmly greeted by all the chefs and waiters.
(Because the name is far too long, I’m just going to refer to it as the 300 yen place. )

The place is warmly lit and patrons are seated in their own little cubicles, cheerfully decorated with colorful cloth privacy screens and paper with writings on them (no idea what they say unfortunate).
The 300 yen place allows smoking like most places in Japan, so keep that in mind!

Potato Salad

Black Tuna Sashimi

French Fries


Spicy Korean Stir-Fry

All the dishes we ordered were delicious, our favourite being the french fries. Know how good Mc Donald’s fries can be? This is 10x better with the crunch instead of soggy-ness that comes with Mickey D’s fries and the perfect amount of salt. We liked it so much that we ordered another bowl of it #fatassery.

I wasn’t expecting much from the sashimi but man was it fatty and good. It was surprisingly fresh, which I didn’t expect for the price.
The place can get pretty loud and rowdy at times since it seems like quite the popular destination among salarymen and groups of friends but I didn’t find it to be a bother.

Definitely worth a visit if you’re in Osaka and are looking for cheap and good eats!

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