October 2, 2016
[Osaka] Food Adventures in Osaka and Kyoto

Week 2 of our trip, we took the Shinkasen from Kawaguchiko (Mt.Fuji area) to Osaka and stayed there from Sunday to Thursday with the idea of travelling around Osaka, checking out Kyoto, Nara and Kobe. We ended up wandering around Osaka after meeting up with Mina and her boyfriend Jim for lunch and were kind enough to show us around Koreatown and Osaka castle where I got Takoyaki and Dorayaki.

Mesh-Up of places we checked out are the following :

KYK Tonkatsu


Highly rated on Trip Advisor and Yelp, we decided to try this place out for lunch while we were wandering through the Osaka station. Because we got there in the late afternoon, it wasn’t crazy-packed. I got the pork filet tonkatsu and it came with sides and a bowl of miso soup. The portion is big but manageable and the filet was cooked well and the meat still juicy.

Kibou-Ken Ramen


I got the Tonkatsu with pork bone soup broth and slow cooked soy sauce pork belly. Generously topped with spring onions and fresh garlic on the table along with a garlic grater, I dived into my bowl. It wasn’t as good as the ramen I’ve had but it wasn’t bad either. I think the fact that I didn’t like the pork because of the flavour and how chewy it was makes me think I would probably rate it 2.7/5.

Marumo Kitchen (Japanese Bowl Cafe)

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Marumo Kitchen can be found in the basement food area of the Kyoto Station. Probably one of my favourite places from the trip, we got a table in the back and of the crowded restaurant and ordered a Hash hand-kneaded hamburger and hashed Doria with carbonara sauce and karaage with fries. For my drink, I got the milk tea with sugar. The main came with soup in a soup cup and salad, both which accompanied the dish well. The doria was so creamy and seasoned well and left me wanting more after I was done. The gyoza was deep-fried to perfection and the fries crunchy, although I thought it could’ve used a little more salt. But then again, I think everything could use more salt.

Dorayaki and Takoyaki


Got the chocolate and sweet custard filled dorayaki. Stamped with Doraemon, they made a cute dessert much cuter than it already is. How can you resist chomping on this?


Did you know that Takoyaki originated from Osaka? How could I not try takoyaki while I was in Osaka? It was deliciously fluffy and seasoned well. Piping hot made it awesome as well.

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