October 5, 2016
[Tokyo] Shin’ichikan

If there’s anything you have to splurge on while in Japan, it would be Kobe beef. But did you know, there are other types of beef that are just as awesome and won’t cost an arm and a leg? I was introduced to Matsusaka by Lyric so we decided to try it at Shin’ichikan, a reputable restaurant that specializes in Matsusaka beef.

Yakiniku grills differ from the Korean BBQ grills we’re so used to back home. I like that the grills uses real charcoal and allow the oil to drip directly into the flames below without being collected in the corners.

A veggie appetizer to dip with the sauce inside the cup.

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The marbling on the meat was incredible. The meat was tender and seasoned with their original sauce, which has a sweet flavour.
Although different from Kobe, this was definitely worth getting. I found one of the server to be quite pompous but I guess that’s to be expected since he was working at a restaurant like that. Other than that, the other servers were friendly. Do note that they don’t speak much English, but they do offer an English menu.

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