October 9, 2016
[Tokyo] Luda’s Bar

What’s one of the few things that comes to mind when you think of Japan? Aside from the Maid Cafes and sushi, I immediately think of themed cafes and restaurants. We got the chance to check out Luda’s Bar, a Dragon Quest game themed restaurant/bar in Roppongi.

The insides were decorated with life-size replicas of items from the game, and there were TV’s showing trailers of their games released.  Luda’s Bar doesn’t have chairs, so everyone pretty much stands at their table and eat. (I think that’s to encourage people to eat quick and get the hell out of them for the next mass of people).
We were seated (placed, more like, since there’s no chairs) right in front of the display of toys and collectibles from Dragon Quest. With a menu, and order sheet, you go through and write down what you want, then pay at the cashier before returning to your table. Food and drinks will be delivered to you when they’re ready.

I got the Grape liquor with colorful jellies and it came with a cute little spoon to stir my drink and see the rainbow jellies float around. *Mixes it vigorously*

Meat Baos had these cute faces stamped on them

Chicken Kaarage was delicious but the tiny skewers that came with them did nothing to hold them up. I gave up and used my hands like a boss.

We got the brownie dessert that came with brownies, whipped chocolate cream and a mochi in the center. Cute and delicious, this was the perfect dish to end our time in Luda’s Bar.

Although we don’t play the game, we enjoyed ordering these dishes and figuring out if they were actual dishes inspired by the game. Worth checking out if you’re in the area!

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