October 19, 2016
[Tokyo] Noodle Musashi Clumsy 麺屋武蔵 武骨

Based off the recommendation of one of J’s co-worker, we adventured to the Ueno area to check out Noodle Musashi Clumsy. The restaurant, like many other food establishments in Japan, was small, crowded but comfortable. We were greeted and then proceeded to use the vending machine to buy our meals. 


Because we actually don’t read any Japanese, we didn’t know how to choose and we just went with what we thought looked most appetizing. Ever since I got to Japan, all I can think about is how awesome and efficient their way of doing things is. Vending machines to deal with the whole money transaction allows the staff to focus on providing excellent service to their customers and it makes me wonder why people in North America hasn’t adapted that concept yet.

20160916_132445_HDR 20160916_132454_HDR
My ticket for the meal we got. Little did we know..

That we got dipping noodles. The idea of dipping noodles is that you use your chopsticks and get the amount of noodles you want, and dip it directly into the broth and eat from there.  Our order was good, but nothing special. The broth was thick and needed an extra dose of black pepper to make it stand out a little more. As we ate, we noticed that other people had orders with soup and noodles in the same bowl and some looked spicy and smelled pretty damn awesome. Should’ve asked for someone to translate the options in the vending machine, we think we got a mild option. 🙁

So word of advice, learn Japanese before you go, or get a friend who knows Japanese to look at the picture of the vending machine out there and know which order you’d like before you check Noodle Musashi Clumsy out!

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