October 19, 2016
[Tokyo] Ostrea Oyster Bar & Restaurant

I’ve always said I could eat 50 oysters to myself, maybe more, but then maybe I am overly ambitious and would just feel sick after and become forever scarred for Life. But point being, I love oysters, and I’ve always heard about how one of the many things you have to try while in Japan, are the oysters.  With that in mind, we googled up oyster bars and set out for Ostrea Oyster Bar & Restaurant in Ginza.

Lychee Spritzer with fresh hot cheese buns
Platter of Oysters from Hokkaido, Washington and South Australia   20160913_220520_HDR
Oyster Risotto with Japanese Basil Cream
Grilled Pork with Grill Veggies
The service was great and the food superb, I thoroughly enjoyed the risotto, I’ve never had risotto cooked with that much depth and flavour, and would’ve had more if I wasn’t also mooching off the grilled pork, hah. The biggest disappointment for me was the fact that I actually was turned off by all the oysters. Maybe it was just the difference in the taste and texture, but the oysters were creamy and I actually didn’t like that sort of taste, and it didn’t help that they were so big. Maybe it’s an acquired taste or something I will come to appreciate in time, but I’ll just stick to my regular oysters in Canada for now.

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