October 20, 2016
[Tokyo] Ichiran Ramen

I feel like I am about to make a pretty bold statement when I say this but, Ichiran Ramen is probably one of the best ramen shops out there. Or one of the best I’ve ever had and I’ve had quite a fair share. We liked it so much that we had it twice, instead of checking out other places although we should’ve since we can’t go to Japan as easily, but how can you resist delicious food that you know is good?!

Store Front
Vending Machine 
Meal Tickets
I got the first option + a side order of pork belly.

When you get in line after getting your meal tickets in the vending machine, you’re given a list to fill out, it was great to see that they cater to tourists with forms in English, Korean and Mandarin.
Because it was about 9am in the morning, I didn’t want such a heavy meal so I opt’ed for a lighter version of what I’d normally get. Medium richness and flavour strength.

Once the sheet has been filled and there’s an empty booth, you’re brought to a booth with dividers so you can’t creep on your neighbour’s order. If you so wish, you can actually unlock it and push the divider back. The whole experience was interesting, we had a kitchen staff come by to greet us while inside the middle chef area and spoke to us but standing completely straight so you can’t see their face.

I tried their store’s special tea, which apparently is good for your skin. That, I don’t care too much about, I just was hoping it was sweet and delicious, but it was rather bland and tasted like tea. Could’ve used 5 spoons of sugar, but I guess that wouldn’t make it too healthy..
When your order is brought, the kitchen staff will wish you a good meal, then proceed to lowering the privacy screen. If you purchased the extra noodle option or their matcha dessert, you can ask for them after by simply putting the little dishes on this sensor in front of you.

Tofu dessert with matcha glaze on top.

Overall, my experience at Ichiran was really positive, I enjoyed the broth and noodle like no other. It was rich, had the right amount of noodles and was just delicious overall. Definitely worth checking out if you’re close by one of the Ichiran Ramen locations. Keep in mind that they are REALLY popular among tourists, so you may have to get up early to get a seat unless you’re willing to line up.

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