November 7, 2016
Jacob’s Steakhouse

There’s quite a few of restaurants in Toronto that comes to mind when one’s thinking of good food, dressing up and splurging on a meal. Does Jacobs & Co Steakhouse appear on that list? If not, you should most definitely make a mental note to add it to that imaginary list of fine dining that’s worth checking out. Located on 12 Brant Street, the exterior is as unpretentious as the servers and staff inside, and that’s definitely something in my books. 

For J’s belated birthday celebration this year, I decided to surprise him with a dinner at Jacob’s Steakhouse. Because he took me to Chicago and we got to try the famous Kobe Beef for my birthday at Roka Akor, I wanted to give him that same awesome dinner experience since we were unable to go to Kobe during our trip to Japan due to the typhoon happening in the Kansai Region at that time.

Atmosphere & Surroundings:
Walking through the doors and into the dining area, we were greeted with pleasant smiles and warm welcomes by the hostess and surrounding staff as we walked by them and were led to our table on the second floor. The lighting in the room was dim and conversations were at a good noise level where you can tell people were having fun and enjoying their meal and conversation without it being hard to hear your date across the little table. There wasn’t any feeling of unease that one would presumingly get from dining at an expensive place like this.

Our server was knowledgeable and friendly, telling us about favourites among the customers and left us to look over the menus on our own, and was attentive throughout the whole night.

We were served the complimentary yummy and flakey popovers with a side of garlic chive butter that was so good that I found it hard to stop eating. I think I did a good job of putting it aside to take on our starters. Because boy, did I order a lot. J always reminds me that my eyes are bigger than my stomach. And looking through this post, I think I agree. #humanelephant

Pickle Point and Kusshi Oysters

Beef Tatare of Anchovy, Capers, Egg Yolk and Truffle Oil

Side of Roasted Cauliflower with Parmesan Cream & Tuille, Garlic

A5 Black Tajima-Gunma Prefecture Tenderloin

A5 Black Tajima-Kagoshima Prefecture Tenderloin

Sauce (Chimichurri, Blue Cheese/Bacon Sauce, Ponzu)
Salts ( Sea Salt, Volcano Salt and Smoked Sea Salt)


The evening ended with a pleasant surprise of a plate of butter tart and chocolate fudge, candle on a raspberry and the word “Happy Birthday” written in chocolate icing from the kitchen delivered by our waiter. Complimentary chocolate chip muffins were also handed to us along with the bill.

I’ve been to many fine dining restaurants and Jacobs & Co’s most definitely one of my favourites. Although we didn’t end up getting the Kobe (it was seriously too expensive, it’s almost the price of an air-ticket to Japan), the steaks we got were just as good. Mind you, it didn’t have the melt-in-your-mouth effect like the Kobe does, but it still had such a buttery soft texture that it was worth every pretty penny spent on that meal.

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