December 4, 2016
Zakkushi on Carlton

I’m a big fan of Izakayas. There’s something about the cozy environment, friendly loud greetings you get as you walk in and out, and not to mention the amazing food, tapa style that appeals to me.

We checked out Zakkushi on Carlton, somewhere I’ve been to once before and enjoyed it immensely. Long lines at a restaurant although annoying at times, are a good sign of the quality of experience and food you can expect. Zakkushi is well known for their charcoal grill skewers and have a variety of over 30 kinds of meat, seafood and veggies.

Decorations at the waiting area

If you get the Appetizer Sampler, you can combine any of their three appetizers for $6.20. How awesome is that? 
We got the following:
Appetizer Sampler of Kaisou (Marinated Seaweed)
Kuragé(Jellyfish w/imitation shark fin in sesame oil sauce)
Takowasabi (Octopus mixed w/ wasabi stem).

Beef Tataki; Thinly sliced beef with spicy sweet Sauce

Eringi; King oyster mushroom with soy sauce and butter

Yakioni with Butter Shoyu
This was seriously so crunchy and good. I thought it would be a little plain but the butter shoyu came through.


Zakkushi Set of Momo (sauce), Umeshiso Yaki, Mé Maki, P-Toro and Oropon Beef

Uzura Maki; Quail eggs wrapped with pork


T&S Sashimi ; Albacore tuna (4pcs) and Sockeye Salmon (4pcs)
Look at the color of the salmon! Have you ever seen Salmon this fresh??

Dorayaki Matcha Ice-cream ; Matcha Ice-cream and Red Bean in Japanese Pancake
The redbean filling in the center of the soft pancake paired really well with matcha to my surprise. I didn’t think I would enjoy this very much because I don’t like red-bean too much but damn, this was good!

If you’re looking for a fun place to check out with friends and you guys like sharing dishes for variety of flavours, definitely check out Izakayas, and more specifically, check Zakkushi out 🙂

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