December 30, 2016
[Media Tasting Event] Ethiopiques

One of the many things I try to do as a foodie, is to push myself to try new things and trying out a variety of cultural cuisines is no exception to my mental list of things to accomplish before I achieve full-fledge pro foodie status.
I’ve always wanted to try Ethiopian cuisine but never found the opportunity to until Lisa invited me to her first ever media tasting event for Ethiopiques.

Eating in Ethiopian culture is typically eaten with family and friends. They don’t believe that people should eat alone.
Even their food is served on a communal platter that is made to share with others easily. Your hands are your “utensils” and you typically wrap the food with the injera bread, a soft sour-dough flatbread.Injera is the staple of the Ethiopian culture, just like what rice would be to us Asians.
I also learnt that Ethiopian food offers a variety of gluten-free and vegetarian meals, catering to people with different dietary restrictions, which is pretty neat-o.

Goodie bags filled with fresh Berbere sauce made by Enat and her kitchen staff.
DSC01878  DSC01883

Vegetarian and Beef option Sambusa or known as Samosas to most of you, are made fresh.
The exterior was crunchy and the fillings inside are packed with flavour.

The national dish of Ethiopia, Dora Wat is a chicken stew cooked with hard boiled eggs in spice mixtures such as berbere and niter kibbeh, a seasoned clarified butter.

Steaming hot clay pot of Cha Cha (Lamb Short Ribs).
This smelled heavenly but unfortunately I didn’t get to try it. It was finished before it got to our end of the table,haha.


Enat performing the coffee ceremony which involves roasting coffee beans from Ethiopia.

Colorful roasted grains that came with our order of coffee

Enat, our lovely host throughout the event

Foodies and bloggers doing what they do best.

Many thanks to Lisa and Enat for hosting the event and putting these little goodies together! I hope this post offers some insight into what you can expect trying Ethiopian food. I thoroughly enjoyed my meal and can’t wait to go back there with some friends who’ve never had Ethiopian food before. Having chatted with Enat, I learnt more about the type of restaurant she runs and the type of environment she wants to create for her customers and I think it’s awesome. Walking through the door, you feel like you’re home. There’s nothing pretentious and the food is just like Mom’s cooking, warm and welcoming.

Check Ethiopiques out!
Website :
Phone : (416) 623-7300227 Church St.

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