January 21, 2017
George Restaurant

There’s a few well-known names that pop up in conversations and Google searches when you’re looking for fine-dining experiences in Toronto. George Restaurant was something that came up a couple of times but I haven’t had the chance to check out until recently.

Located on 111C Queen Street East, George Restaurant’s dinner menu includes A La Carte options and Dinner Tasting of Five, Seven and Ten Courses, as well as Vegetarian course options and wine pairings for the Five or Seven Course Menus.

Having a reservation helps as the place was busy and filled with people when we arrived. I felt like it took a while for us to get our Waiter’s attention as he was busy running around between tables, but other then that, he was polite and helpful with helping to change our dinner to match our tastes. We opt’ed for the Five Course dinner tasting menu and were prepared to be wowed.

Complimentary In-House Bread and Crackers. I’m a huge fan of fresh bread with spongey,dough-y insides and this didn’t disappoint. The crackers were deliciously salty, although a little too oily for my liking.

My Amuse Bouche of cherry tomatoes and avocado

Smoked Trout on a bed of colourful vegetable and grains

Wagyu Beef Tataki 

Braised Beef

Bison with seasonal caponata and cavatelli

Chocolate cake

Atmosphere: There was a great atmosphere when we visited. People seem to be having a good time and conversations weren’t so hushed that it feels like one of those upscale places where you have to lower your voice to chat.

Service: The service was great, we had quite a few different busboys and waitresses come by our table providing us with a description of our plates after they set it down. Our main server could be a little quicker with receiving our orders and providing the bill after it’s asked though.

Food: Loved the food here, I feel like I was challenged to try new things I wouldn’t have ordered. All the dishes came out between good amount of time in between, giving you time to enjoy what you just had and digest before the next dish. I thought the food was really fresh and well made, as well as well plated.

Price: $$$$

Definitely would recommend this to anyone looking to take that special someone on a nice dinner out. We were so stuffed after our five course meal, but we might just take on the seven course meal challenge next time!

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