Hello there wanderer of the interwebs!

You’ve stumbled upon the humble online abode of Helen, a food-lover, self-proclaimed iron chef and advocate of #fatassery.
She thinks about what she should have for dinner when she’s eating lunch, loves going to restaurants and experimenting with dishes at home. She started cooking at the age of 15 for her family while her parents were busy with work and has been sharing food-porn of her cooking on Instagram before it actually became a thing because, #fatassery.

Growing up, she’s moved all around and back and forth between Countries in Asia and Canada. She strongly believes that nurtured a deep passion for food and taste of all cultures and fiercely seeks to fill that insatiable hunger for new dishes and flavours.

When she’s not eating or thinking about food, she funds her eating out adventures by working on her other passion. Design that is. One of her many dreams include being paid to travel,eat and blog about places and dishes or being invited to try out new places in her hometown, Toronto.

She loves receiving random “hellos” in emails and learning about awesome new spots to check out. So connect with her 🙂

You can find her on instagram and twitter at @omnomnomies for restaurant food posts and her self-developed recipes and home-cooking.

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