The Captain’s Boil

The Captain’s Boil is one of those no-frills-lets-get-down-and-dirty type of seafood restaurant, a popular trend that has been popping up in Toronto recently. An innovative way to have a seafood meal, The Captain’s Boil provides a sort of messy but fun experience to share with your family and friends.  …Read More


Located in the heart of Chinatown, it’s so easy to walk by without noticing R&D unless you’re looking for it. R&D is an urban casual restaurant run by MasterChef Canada Season 1 winner, Eric Chong and Michelin-starred Chef and MasterChef Judge Alvin Leung. Having just had dinner, J and I were looking for a place for drinks and a quick snack and R&D’s menu on the outside door seems promising enough with their variety of dishes of baos, small(appetizers) and large dishes (mains). …Read More


Lee’s is run by Susur Lee, one of Toronto’s most recognizable chefs. Perhaps you’ve seen him on major cook-off shows like Iron Chef America and Top Chef or you’ve been to one of his restaurants in Toronto. If you haven’t, you definitely have to check out Lee’s.

Lee’s menu introduces a variety of fusion style dishes with modern Asian and French influences and has bold,rich flavours and is very pleasing to the eye. …Read More

La Vecchia Ristorante

La Vecchia Ristorante is off my radar as it’s based in Eglinton and I don’t usually venture there but my good friend Johnny, suggested that we eat there for dinner before watching Suicide Squad at the movie theatre near-by and made reservations there for us.

La Vecchia has a lovely and casually elegant atmosphere that’s perfect for a date night or a dinner out with friends. …Read More

Guirei Japanese Restaurant

Being a big fan of the Japanese food and culture, I’m always on the hunt for must-try places. Being located downtown Toronto makes that a lot harder unless you’re willing to shell out money for good sushi, you’re going to have to dig deep beyond the sushi take-outs for good quality fish. …Read More

Hy’s SteakHouse

Steak, who doesn’t like eating it? Aside from vegetarians that is. A couple of years ago, I was looking up fancy restaurants to take my family for Christmas. I came across Hy’s Steakhouse and after checking the menu and reviews …Read More

[Chicago] Portillo’s

If there’s anything Chicago is known for, it’s their crazy strong wind and their Chicago-style hot dog, where apparently it’s a sin to put ketchup on your hot dog. The hot dogs are usually topped with yellow mustard, chopped white onions, bright green sweet pickle relish, dill pickle spear, tomato slices or wedges, sport peppers and celery salt.

While we were in Chicago, we knew we had to try their hot dogs so we made our way to Portillo’s, an American restaurant chain that specializes in serving Chicago-style food. …Read More

[Chicago] Roka Akor

During my trip to Chicago, J made reservations for Roka Akor for my 25th birthday dinner and what a memorable experience it was. …Read More