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George Restaurant

There’s a few well-known names that pop up in conversations and Google searches when you’re looking for fine-dining experiences in Toronto. George Restaurant was something that came up a couple of times but I haven’t had the chance to check out until recently.

Located on 111C Queen Street East, George Restaurant’s dinner menu includes A La Carte options and Dinner Tasting of Five, Seven and Ten Courses, as well as Vegetarian course options and wine pairings for the Five or Seven Course Menus. …Read More

Jacob’s Steakhouse

There’s quite a few of restaurants in Toronto that comes to mind when one’s thinking of good food, dressing up and splurging on a meal. Does Jacobs & Co Steakhouse appear on that list? If not, you should most definitely make a mental note to add it to that imaginary list of fine dining that’s worth checking out. Located on 12 Brant Street, the exterior is as unpretentious as the servers and staff inside, and that’s definitely something in my books.  …Read More

Hy’s SteakHouse

Steak, who doesn’t like eating it? Aside from vegetarians that is. A couple of years ago, I was looking up fancy restaurants to take my family for Christmas. I came across Hy’s Steakhouse and after checking the menu and reviews …Read More