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Zakkushi on Carlton

I’m a big fan of Izakayas. There’s something about the cozy environment, friendly loud greetings you get as you walk in and out, and not to mention the amazing food, tapa style that appeals to me. …Read More

[Kawaguichiko] High Spirits Izakaya

Being a self-proclaimed foodie, I’ve been to many different food establishments and tried all kinds of dishes from around the World, so I’d like to think I know what I’m talking about when I say this…High Spirits Izakaya is by far, one of the best places to go to.

Some places are either better at the food they serve or their service. This place provides you both and so much more. The dishes served at HSI are not your typical izakaya dishes, but mind you, it will blow your mind. Chef Go and Miki run the place with lots of heart and passion and it clearly shows in the food they bring to you and their welcoming personalities. …Read More

[Osaka] 300円均一 海鮮居酒屋 志なのすけ 心斎橋店

If there’s anything any traveller like, it’s places that serve good food for cheap. Tucked away on the second floor, we came to find this restaurant that serves most of their dishes for 300yen (aside from their specials). …Read More