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Pad Kra Pow

Thai cuisine has always been one of my favourites due to the fact that I’m a huge fan of spicy food and bold flavours. Pad Kra Pow is one of the common dishes one would see in street stalls in the streets of Thailand and one of the easiest dish you can make at home. …Read More

Helen’s Signature Lemon Chicken Dish

I love potlucks. I love having people over and cooking for them and seeing them enjoy my food. What did I learn from cooking the x number of potlucks I’ve either been to or hosted? I learnt that people friggin’ love my lemon chicken dish.
They love it so much that they scrap that dish clean¬†and that, that makes me feel amazing. I think that’s why I love cooking, seeing the people I cook for enjoy it and talk about it.¬† …Read More

Oven-Baked Buffalo Chicken Wings

Wings, who doesn’t like chicken wings? I always tell my friends that I can eat wings everyday, and I don’t think I am kidding. Most Tuesdays, if I’m not having a buck-a-shuck oysters, you can find me at St.Louis having wings because, half-priced wings day is awesome!

I decided to break out the new ceramic oven dish and cook my marinated buffalo wings in it instead of frying them like I usually do …Read More