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[Tokyo] Food Adventures in Tokyo – Tokyo Eats part 2

When we returned to Tokyo from our trip to the Kansai region, we had a better idea of our surrounding area and knew where we wanted to check out before we returned to Toronto. …Read More

[Osaka] Food Adventures in Osaka and Kyoto

Week 2 of our trip, we took the Shinkasen from Kawaguchiko (Mt.Fuji area) to Osaka and stayed there from Sunday to Thursday with the idea of travelling around Osaka, checking out Kyoto, Nara and Kobe. …Read More

[Tokyo] Food Adventures in Tokyo – Tokyo Eats part 1

Week 1 in Tokyo was a combination of excitement, exhaustion from walking 20k steps a day and just lots of eating and checking out new places.  Here’s a list of places we’ve been to : …Read More