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[Travel Tips] Japan Trip 101 Part 2

Having just returned from Tokyo for a second round, I figured it’d be a good idea to share a little more about what I know.
Check out the original post written in 2016 for the more general tips about Japan here. This post will more specifically be targeting Tokyo,  and you may draw some parallels from my previous post (for those who haven’t checked it out).  …Read More

[Tokyo] Ichiran Ramen

I feel like I am about to make a pretty bold statement when I say this but, Ichiran Ramen is probably one of the best ramen shops out there. Or one of the best I’ve ever had and I’ve had quite a fair share. …Read More

[Tokyo] Ostrea Oyster Bar & Restaurant

I’ve always said I could eat 50 oysters to myself, maybe more, but then maybe I am overly ambitious and would just feel sick after and become forever scarred for Life. But point being, I love oysters, and I’ve always heard about how one of the many things you have to try while in Japan, are the oysters.  With that in mind, we googled up oyster bars and set out for Ostrea Oyster Bar & Restaurant in Ginza. …Read More

[Tokyo] Noodle Musashi Clumsy 麺屋武蔵 武骨

Based off the recommendation of one of J’s co-worker, we adventured to the Ueno area to check out Noodle Musashi Clumsy. The restaurant, like many other food establishments in Japan, was small, crowded but comfortable. We were greeted and then proceeded to use the vending machine to buy our meals.  …Read More

[Tokyo] Luda’s Bar

What’s one of the few things that comes to mind when you think of Japan? Aside from the Maid Cafes and sushi, I immediately think of themed cafes and restaurants. We got the chance to check out Luda’s Bar, a Dragon Quest game themed restaurant/bar in Roppongi. …Read More

[Tokyo] Shin’ichikan

If there’s anything you have to splurge on while in Japan, it would be Kobe beef. But did you know, there are other types of beef that are just as awesome and won’t cost an arm and a leg? …Read More

[Tokyo] Food Adventures in Tokyo – Tokyo Eats part 2

When we returned to Tokyo from our trip to the Kansai region, we had a better idea of our surrounding area and knew where we wanted to check out before we returned to Toronto. …Read More

[Tokyo] Food Adventures in Tokyo – Tokyo Eats part 1

Week 1 in Tokyo was a combination of excitement, exhaustion from walking 20k steps a day and just lots of eating and checking out new places.  Here’s a list of places we’ve been to : …Read More

[Tokyo] Food Adventures in Japan Week 1

Like a lot of people out there, my childhood dream was to someday go to Japan and I finally got to cross that off my bucketlist. It’s been a few days since I returned from my 2-week long trip there but the jetlag game is still so strong, and even now I still have dreams about Japan and the food there. Because all we did was eat for the 2 weeks we were there …Read More